Ibiza Hotspots Slots

Ibiza is known to some as a party island, and if that's your thing and you also like slot games, you'll want to know more about Ibiza Hotpots. This slot game is based around that party atmosphere, so it certainly puts its theme right out there. However, what do we know about the Hotpots part of the title? We've discovered a few facts for you in this article.

Who created this slot game?

We have another slot to consider here from the team at Realtime Gaming.

Don't forget you've got a demo version you can check out first

What better way could there be to figure out what you make of this Ibiza-themed slot game?

Let's figure out a little more about the theme

There isn't much else to tell, except to say you'll experience the party atmosphere on and off the reels in this game.

They've come up with an amazing design

The background shows a pool with sun loungers, trees, parasols, and everything else you'd expect from a vacation in Ibiza. Of course, the reels themselves are where the action is happening, not to mention the column that appears over to the left of the first reel. We'll explain more about that in a second.

How to play Ibiza Hotpots

Firstly, the game offers five reels, so that part at least is familiar. You'll also see the Hotpots themselves to the left of the first reel, which is the part we spoke about above. There are prizes for finding between three and nine matching symbols that feature the game logo. This is known as the jackpot symbol.

There are other symbols to search for too though. The first of these says WILD and features a bottle of champagne. This replaces everything apart from the jackpot symbol and the scatter. The scatter is the set of two gold VIP tickets.

Paylines are fixed in the Ibiza Hotpots game

And the paytable confirms that you've got 20 of them to play on.

You've got a handful of wagers to sort through

Make sure you check these out before you start playing, so you can see what you make of the amounts.

Find the link to the paytable before you begin playing

Hang fire on that party atmosphere for a second while you find and view the paytable. It's over to the left of the control panel beneath all the reels.

You won't find any bonus rounds in this game

Sadly, no… there are no features that would qualify for this title.

Free spins can appear though

Better still, you get a choice of how you want to play them. Firstly, make sure you land a scatter on each of the second, third, and fourth reels to unlock this feature. You'll then see the available options you can choose from. You may have seen options like these before - the game count goes from 10 to 20, with a different multiplier each time. The more games you choose, the lower the multiplier, and vice versa. So, if you pick 20 games you get a 2x multiplier. At the opposite end of the scale, 10 free games come with a 5x multiplier.

RTP info is kept under wraps for this one

You might be able to source that info from the casino you are all set to play this game at.

Our rating: Is the Ibiza Hotpots slots a cool one to check out?

If you are a partying kind of person, you can expect to enjoy this one. It uses a format we have seen in other slots, but the prizes lined up here from the logo are called the Hotpots. Just how hot will they get?

The paytable reveals the biggest prize per line

Would you be impressed if we told you that the game offered a massive 50,000x per line prize at most? It certainly impressed us. One other thing we should mention is that the prizes for spotting between three and nine logos vary depending on the bet you choose to play with. The lowest line bet gives a maximum prize of 4,000 coins for nine symbols.

Demo play makes it easier for you to work out whether it appeals

You can tell a lot about a game just by looking at it, but the best bet is always to play the demo if you can. Fortunately, RTG makes this simple enough to do.

The real game is available for a range of bets

While the range isn't likely to suit every player, we think most should find a bet of one size or another that would suit their preferences.

Mobile gaming is just as good as computer gaming

And since this is a modern effort from RTG, you can expect it to pop up whenever you see their games in a mobile casino.