Ghana Win Slots

Have you ever wanted to go on safari? It certainly gives you the chance to get close to the animals, but for some, this proves to be a little too close. Not to worry though - you can still see plenty if you decide to check out the Ghana Win slot game. And you can do that with us right here.

Discover the developer of Ghana Win slots

You can thank the brains at Realtime Gaming - or RTG - for releasing this one.

Are you able to try it first without betting on it?

Yes - you can just choose the demo title and use the demo balance included inside the game. While there are no real prizes to withdraw, it does give you an excellent idea of how it all works.

We've already given away the theme

You'll know what it is even when you see the loading screen, before reaching the reels themselves. We are on safari for this one, joined by lots of animals you'd expect to see if you took part in one of those events.

The game offers a beautiful design

Various animals appear inside colored frames, while the letters and numbers feature smart designs, using similar colors to help them fit in. you'll also see long grass, animals, trees, and mountains in the background.

How to play the Ghana Win slot game

The slot boasts six reels rather than the more common set of five, so that's the first surprise. There are no progressive prizes involved though.

The wild is a golden paw print inside a circle - easy to spot whenever it lands. This can land on any reel except for the first one, replacing everything apart from the scattered baboon. This also does not appear on the first reel.

Paylines aren't part of the action here

Get ready to play over a whopping 4,096 ways in this game - that's all the possible combinations available on the 6 x 4 grid.

Choose a fixed bet for each spin

You can discover the values by using the plus and minus controls before you play. Make sure you're happy with the bet and remember that it covers all 4,096 ways.

The paytable appears on one page

While older slots from this developer had multiple pages to sort through, this follows the modern method of providing just one, where you can scroll to read everything that you should know before playing the game.

There is one bonus element in Ghana Win slots

The Guaranteed Respin Win with Multiplier (a cool name) occurs on a random losing spin in the base game. As the name suggests, you're assured of getting one or more prizes during the respin. If it happens that you don't get a prize, you can expect the respins to carry on until you do. The multiplier can be anything from 1x to 7x.

Free spins also feature in Ghana Win slots

Three baboon scatters will award eight free games. Fortunately, the game awards more spins if you can find more triggering scatters. So, you'd receive 12 games for four scatters and 16 if you can manage to find five to trigger this round.

Multipliers come into play here as well. Watch the side of the reels as this is where the multiplier appears for each spin. As in the respin feature, they can go from 1x to 7x.

RTP details do not appear in the game

This isn't a surprise given that RTG never releases this detail.

What's our opinion of the Ghana Win slot game?

We liked it, and it certainly stands up well against other games based on a similar theme. There's enough happening to get our interest, and we liked the respin element. We think it should get 7.5 out of 10.

The prize possibilities are huge in this game

The introductory information we have for this slot suggests that the top prize is 226,800, which we guess is in coins. That must surely be the result of one excellent spin of the reels, right? This is unclear, but it's a cool figure, nonetheless.

Demo play for this slot game is a good way to begin

We got the respin feature a few times during our demo session, although it took longer to trigger the free spins, so we could see how those worked. You can gain a lot of knowledge from a stint on the demo slot though.

Will you like Ghana Win enough to play the real game?

We guess you can appreciate how the game works from the demo, but will that be enough to make you think about the real thing?

You can also expect this one to crop up at mobile casinos

Touchscreen controls make this one fine to play on Android and iOS, so a quick trip to this safari destination could be in order.