Fortunate Buddha Slots

Load this slot game and you'll immediately be met with lots of golden tones and a few other colors too - oh, and a Buddha, of course, looking happy enough. The Fortunate Buddha slot game is going to be our focus for this review, so if you've got some time, settle in with us and let's check it out.

Which game studio created this one?

We can confirm the brand Spin Logic Gaming is behind this game.

They have included a demo if you want to try it

This is the ideal way to get a feel for the game, so you can see what you make of it before moving onto the real one.

Fortunate Buddha provides us with an Asian theme

The title gives away much of what's happening in the game, but there are other icons landing on the reels that support a wider Asian theme too.

Design elements in this game

Every part of this slot game looks appealing, with some excellent detailing throughout. It certainly manages to draw you in when you load it and start spinning the reels.

Let's take Fortunate Buddha for a spin, shall we?

The typical five-by-three game design is in play here, and there are five jackpots on offer as well. You'll spot those by the side of reel one, ranging from Mini to Super Grand.

The wild is labeled to make life easier and can arrive on reels two through five. There are only two symbols it cannot replace. The first is the bag of coins used as the scatter, and the second is the Fortune Orb. More on those in a bit.

Plentiful paylines

Yes, there are 50 in action in this game, making this an appealing one to try if you like plenty of lines.

Is this an expensive game to play?

It does offer a penny as the lowest coin value, although this still means playing 50 cents to cover the lines on offer. You can go higher to reach $5 at most.

Paytable details are available when you want them

And it's wise to read through them before you play for the first time.

Can you reach the Fortune Link Bonus feature?

The glowing ball bonus orb is the one to find - but you need six of them to reach this bonus feature. All triggering orbs are held in place for a respin of the other reel positions. One or more orbs showing up in the respin mean that you get another one. This carries on until no new ones turn up or you complete the reels with 15 orbs. If you manage to do that, the Super Grand Jackpot is yours. If not, don't worry as each orb is marked with a value, so you'll still receive the total of all those values added together.

Free spins are available too in this game

And we suspect they might be slightly easier to reach than the Fortune Link round. The cash bag scatters are the key to receiving them, with six games offered for three bags. You can also trigger more in the same manner.

They haven't provided the return to player percentage

You might be able to find it at the casino though, as it can vary from what we've heard.

What's our rating for this one then?

Jackpots, free spins, wilds, and a cool theme - it all rolls into a pleasant game to play for sure. We think it's good for a score of 7/10.

Learning more about the jackpots

This game has a mix of fixed and progressive ones. The top three increase in value as people make real bets on the game, while the smallest two are fixed and reflect the value of the bet you're making.

The practice game provides entertainment value

You'll learn more about what it might be like to play Fortunate Buddha slots too, which is good to know.

Be sure you consider how much you can afford to bet before you play

It's best to assume you won't receive any prizes, as you can never rely on any coming your way. Remember there is a 50-cent minimum to cover all those lines too.

Is there a mobile version you can play?

Yes - you can access Fortunate Buddha on a smartphone or tablet if you've got one, regardless of whether it is on iOS or Android.