Chunky Monkey Slots

Monkeys love bananas - we're all aware of that. So, we guess the Chunky Monkey of the slot featuring that very title has been keeping them all to himself. We were curious to learn more though, so we checked out the game to see what we made of it. Are you ready to discover what we learned?

Expect a great slot from a sensational developer

Can there be any better than RTG? Realtime Gaming, to use their full name, has been around for years, so you're in great hands here.

Demo access is provided

The slot game does have a practice version if you'd like to try that first.

Expect a tropical theme in this one

You might also say it is an animal theme, thanks to the presence of the monkey. Either way, it's a bright and hot location to visit with plenty of tropical touches.

This game has a strong design that pulls you into it

We love it when we see a slot game based on an excellent design. There are no 3D graphics to look at here, but the 2D presentation is so good, we doubt you'll even notice.

Let's get to the nitty gritty of the Chunky Monkey slot game

Expect three reels in this one, but don't go looking for any progressive jackpots. A friendly face appears in multiple colors as the substitute - if we had to guess, we'd say it was a Tiki head. This doesn't pay wild prizes, and it doesn't go wild for everything either - only the 7s that appear on the reels. The monkey also has a role to play, and that's as a scatter symbol.

Is this a single payline slot game?

You might assume so, given that we only have three reels, but RTG has fitted in five lines instead. They're fixed, requiring you to bet on all of them on each spin.

How much does it cost to play the game?

As with other RTG slots, you do have a variety of wagers to choose from. Just look for the plus and minus controls next to the spin button and use those to adjust from the minimum to the maximum until you find a wager that suits you.

Read all the rules inside the paytable

Once you've found it, you can see what you make of the rules of the game. Everything is reasonably straightforward.

Watch for transferring symbols to appear during the game

This is a bonus of sorts, as there is a small reel with space for one symbol next to the third main one. If you spot two 7s on the three main reels along with a blank space - in any order - the fourth reel spins. The symbol appearing on that reel then transfers to the space available for it. This may then result in a prize with the other 7s.

Free spins available too

The monkey of the title is key to finding these, as you'll need him to appear three times over the reels to bring you seven free games. You also get a multiplier for these. Watch that extra spot too, as the transferring symbols part of the game can come into play during these spins as well.

RTG hasn't given us an RTP for this one

Too many letters? Basically, we are saying that the provider has not added the return to player value for this slot anywhere in view or on the paytable.

What did we think of the Chunky Monkey and his game?

The slot certainly feels a lot bigger than your average three-reel game, so that's something worth noting. You can see what you think by trying the demo, but we believe this is worth seven points out of 10.

What is the prize potential worth in this game?

Few will reach these heady heights, but according to the RTG information we have available, it is possible to hit up to 50,000x per line.

Try some demo spins to see what it's like

Chunky Monkey is an entertaining game, albeit a small one, and the theme and detail combine to make it a delight. You can check out what you think of it inside the demo.

Real play crops up at all RTG casinos

Yes, if you know where to play, you'll easily spot the chunky monkey himself as he introduces you to his own slot game.

You can also play this one on mobile devices

It doesn't matter whether you prefer Android or Apple, you can find Chunky Monkey slots available at RTG mobile casinos as well.