Carnival Cash Slots

All the fun of the fair is in store here on the reels, as the slot game Carnival Cash gets underway. This is a lovely-looking slot, with some nice colors and symbols in evidence. You can expect to see many of the things you would see at a regular fair, so you have a chance to hope for some prizes and some delights along the way.

Let's start with reels and paylines

This part of the game at least is pretty par for the course, with 25 lines and five reels to contend with.

Betting options for Carnival Cash

There is no penny option here - the smallest wager is 10 cents and you can go up to five dollars on a line if you like.

Wilds, scatters and other symbols

The clowns may frighten you as they do some other people, but you shouldn't be scared if you spot one here. The clown head is a wild and will unlock the chance to win the jackpot if you are playing every single line. Any less than the maximum 25 lines triggers a 5,000-coin prize for five on one line. All lines played means five clowns wins the progressive jackpot.

There is also a scatter, which is a fun house symbol. If you get three of these or more, you get to unlock the Clown Feature.

Can you find a bonus level in Carnival Cash?

Okay, so what is the Clown Feature? Well, it provides you with a chance to win free games and/or multipliers. You get a ball for every scatter symbol that triggers this round. The balls are thrown into the clown head and depending on where they land, you will get free games, multipliers and/or extra balls to throw.

Download and play Carnival Cash today!

We rather liked the fact you don't just get standard free games with the bonus trigger in Carnival Cash. This makes it a little more unusual, and of course you never know how many free spins you will get, or what the multipliers will be for any prizes won there.

It is little details like this that make this game worth playing time and time again. Even though some slots like to settle for a traditional layout and formulaic rules, this is thankfully not one of them. Check it out now to see what you think of it when you play.