Buffalo Mania Slots

When you see the background for this slot game, you'll know just where you are and what the theme is going to be. We're tackling the Buffalo Mania slot game in this review, so if you're new to the title and you'd like to know what to expect, we think you'll be glad you found us. You're going to see far more than just one or two buffalo in this game.

Let's begin with the game creator

We think you'll know the brand - it's Realtime Gaming, and they've set the scene with another excellent game here.

Expect the traditional RTG demo as well

The game has much to offer, but it is usually safer to see what it is like when you try the title first. Thanks to RTG, you do get the chance to do that.

Theme details for Buffalo Mania

Can you guess? The mere mention of buffalo gives it away, doesn't it? While they are the stars of the show, there are other creatures involved as well.

How good does the game look?

RTG slots tend to look impressive no matter their age, but since this hasn't been out for that long, it certainly appears to be way sharper than older titles in their collection.

Let's check out the facts for the Buffalo Mania online slot

You've got five reels in this game, but it uses a pyramid format. This means there are 3-4-5-4-3 icons for each reel. Better yet, we have three progressive jackpots in action, and those are kept track of above the reels.

There is a golden wild in this game, displaying a buffalo from the side. This can substitute for most other symbols you might see, apart from the game logo. As you might suppose, that logo behaves as a scatter symbol.

You won't find any paylines in Buffalo Mania

This isn't an issue though because the game covers all the potential ways you can find prizes spread over those five reels. The format gives us 720 of those.

Choose one wager for your spin bet

In games like these, offering hundreds of ways to spot prizes, you need only pick a bet to play each spin. RTG has provided many variations here, so see whether the cheapest one would work for you.

Paytable info for Buffalo Mania

This is the best place to begin, as you'll get a sense of what the game involves. You can then apply that knowledge to the practice version of the game to see what you make of it.

Bonus elements do feature in this slot game

Slippery wilds begin the action here, where wilds on the middle three game reels will drop by one place and overlay other symbols as they do so. They'll remain in play until they drop off the reels. You can find those slippery wilds in the basic slot, but they might also appear in the next round…

Free spins and how you can trigger them

The scatter must appear on each of the second, third, and fourth reels to unlock a pick bonus. Three possibilities are there, and your selected option will either bring you an instant prize or a maximum of 15 free games. The prize element can be anything up to 50x your bet for that spin. There is a chance you might be awarded another pick in the bonus feature, and this would give you a multiplier or the chance to receive a maximum of 10 more games to play. Once you reach the free spins, you do get the chance to trigger more of them.

RTP info for Buffalo Mania

We have no details on this, unfortunately, but this might be logical to know since the game is from RTG. They seem to offer casinos the chance to set their own RTP value from a list of options.

So, what's our rating?

The buffalo are indeed one of several animals in this one. We liked the appearance of the game, and the free spin feature is great. Even an instant prize from the pick feature is cool though, so there is enough to award 8/10 to this slot game.

The progressive jackpots are the prizes everyone wants

And yet so few will ever come close to. Whichever wager you choose though, you will be in the running for one of these prizes, however long those odds might be.

The demo game is excellent to check out

Buffalo Mania might just be one of your new favorites, and the demo gives you the chance to safely find out whether that is the case.

Play the real game once you're happy with your bet

Remember that all bets in this and other slots will always be final, so make sure you are happy with the bet you're making on this game.

Go mobile to play Buffalo Mania

Expect more action on your tablet or smartphone if you want it, with the chance to use touchscreen controls to navigate your way through the Buffalo Mania slot game.